Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

Using keyword research tools such as Google Trends will help you
find trending keywords and use them as YouTube video tags. You can also search
YouTube using these keywords to find relevant videos. You can then use these
keywords to optimize your videos for search engine ranking. In addition, you
can also use broad keywords like “business” or “startup” to
appeal to a broader audience. You can also use your video’s title as a keyword.
Using keywords in your tags is essential for video optimization. Click here and get more detail about starte nettbutikk.


YouTube allows you to add up to 10 tags to a video, but they must be relevant to the content. The character limit is 16 characters, but a Briggsby study analyzing 3.8 million videos found that tags between 200 and 300 characters performed best.


It will increase your video’s visibility in search engines and boost your traffic. In addition, it will increase the number of viewers viewing your videos. Find out more information about digital markedsføring.

Add Tags

You can add tags to your videos with a tool like YouTube Studio. First, log into your YouTube account. Select Content > Video. However, you should not use too long a tag.

Your Video

Hover over your video. Hover over the video, and click on the details icon. Next, scroll down to the bottom and click “SHOW MORE.” In the tags box, enter the tags you want to use. You can use up to 500 characters in your tags.

YouTube video

Using your YouTube video description as a call to action button
is an effective way to encourage viewers to take action. Unlike an
end-of-screen CTA, a video description is less intrusive and can be placed
anywhere in your video. The best CTA buttons include a promise of value and a
clear choice. However, avoid presenting too many options, as this could lead to
decision paralysis. More information about SEO strategies.


The video description is one of the most important components of your YouTube video, so be sure to make it as effective as possible. It should include your primary keyword along with the call to action.


Another way to create a successful YouTube video description is to use a voiceover. Voiceovers are great ways to create an actionable CTA that will encourage viewers to complete a desired action.


Choosing a keyword that is semantically related to the topic of your video will help you maximize the search engine rankings of your video.This will make your call to action easy to spot and click.


Adding a CTA to your YouTube video description can increase the conversion rate of your video. YouTube makes it easy to add cards to your video to give viewers an extra incentive to take action. This element is known as a “card” and can link to a verified website.


Using an arrow that points to the CTA can also help in conveying the CTA. You can add up to five cards to your video. These cards appear at a set time, or when the information icon is clicked on the video. Your video description is one of the first places viewers look when they’re searching for online videos.An effective YouTube description can improve your search engine rankings and get you more views.

A good description sums up the video's content, includes a call to action, and contains links to other videos in the channel.