- Place

– Place your videos in the proper place on the page. Google only indexes one video per web page, so be sure to place the video on a separate page. This will allow the rest of the content on the page to load before the video. Moreover, ensure that your video looks clear on all devices. Frame size is an important factor when it comes to the clarity of a video. A video frame size of 640 by 360 pixels is generally sufficient.


Optimising your videos for search engines will make them more visible and encourage viewers to click on them.

Video content

Video content is the most popular form of digital content, and in 2020, US adults will spend an average of 103 minutes a day watching digital video.

Right Keywords

Use the right keywords in your videos. Videos are often directed to websites by search queries, so you need to use keywords that are relevant to the topic and audience of your videos.

Dedicated Tools

Using dedicated tools to identify keywords can help you do this. Google even provides suggestions when you refine your search query.


The length of content that is shared on social media is important for content optimization. Longer copy gives readers a sense of authority and credibility. People on social media are more likely to click on long articles than they are to click on short ones. In addition, longer content increases the number of shares. Increasing shares on social media can improve a site’s rankings.


If you're unsure of how long your content should be, you can check the length of similar content that targets your audience.


This way, Google is likely to favor longer content over short ones. It is important to note that your content should be focused on a topic that is relevant to your site.


Long-tail keywords can help you optimize your page titles and metadata, as well as the content around them.

Important Factor

Another important factor to consider when determining the length of content is its value. While a page can be short in word count, it may be too long if it lacks content.

Content Length

When it comes to content length, Google understands that long content tends to get more social shares and backlinks. Longer content is also more likely to answer users’ questions. Google values long form content, and long form content is likely to rank on the first page of the search results.

Longer content can be highly informative and can attract backlinks from other websites. In addition to length, your content should have a catchy headline, an easy-to-read structure, and interesting graphics or photos. These will increase its value, and help it receive more backlinks.

Listed below are a few tips that will help you optimize your videos for search.